Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bal Masque blog party....

The Venetian Carnival, or Carnevale di Venezia as it is called in Italian,
begins in early February and runs until just after Valentine's Day.

Since February marks the month of carnival celebrations around the world,
I give you

The Bal Masque blog party at Kitty Kellies

The Artful Paper Doll

When: Saturday, February 13th
Time: Starts 12:00 a.m. wherever you are
Place: The Artful Paper Doll (for a list of participating blogs)

Participation is easy.

Send an e-mail to Kitty Kellie that you wish to be added as a participant.

Next, simply download the mask template
(Bal Masque Template here)and embellish it in your own carnival style then blog about it on February 13th.

Meet us all at Artful paper doll for a list of participating blogs and visit them to see their masks.


Now go grab a blog button and place on your blog and let the world know there's a blog party going on!
Whooo Hooo! See you all there!


Journal Writing Prompts: The Masquerade Ball

One of the things Kelly promised to do for herself this year is to start a journal of self discovery and change.
Since we are coming up on carnival season, She thought a masquerade ball theme would make the perfect first journal writing prompt.

What masks do you wear and why?
What are you most afraid of?
What would happen if you were not afraid?

Kelly of the Artful Paper Doll
invites you to ponder and create a carnvial journal page to explore.

We all wear masks in one form or another - 13th Feb' we can be anyone we choose to be.

So, who will you become?
Will you choose to play it safe and blend in with the crowd ?
Will you begin to break old patterns?
Will you take a chance and allow yourself the freedom to be who you really are,
to be the person you always knew you were or wanted to be?

Upon the night of celebration release yourself...
toss the mask, it serves you no longer.

You are free to let yourself stand above the crowd, free & happy!

Trust the process of life to support and guide you.
Love & light Trace


Anonymous said...

So lovely to hear from you, hope you are keeping warm and well!
If you do get chance to build a snow man with someone special, do, it as been such freedom of my inner child.

Do you still go on Suzi's site quite often?

Been a real treat to see you're very pretty blog, it is such a lacy pink and relaxing. My favorites. Love blue and the next is pink and lace, yeah!

Have a cosy and beautiful weekend!



jasmoon-butterfly said...

bbrrrr...trying to keep warm lol x
I am still enjoying goddess & poet class (took extended hee hee).Do you still ppo in?
love & light Julie xxx

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