Saturday, 9 January 2010

Amethyst Ribbon Day...xoxo

Amethyst Ribbon Day!

Monday, 11 January 2010
00:00 - 23:00
Global - ANYwhere ON You!

Wear a Ribbon on 11-01-'10 for LIGHT and SPIRITUALITY and ONEness....

A ribbon on your bag, chest, sleeve, ANYwhere to represent the BEAUTIFUL Light that we LIVE and STRIVE to BE
- SPREAD awareness for Spirituality and Spiritual Freedom.
Wear YOUR ribbon as a reminder of the LIGHT that we ARE and that CONNECTS us ALL.
A Ribbon for ONEness...for unity of minds, body, spirit!!

Violet is the colour for spirituality; the Violet Ray is the also the ray that Vibrates at the HIGHEST frequency and at the next octave of LIGHT!
By simply WEARING a violet coloured ribbon (OUR Amethyst Ribbon!) it will help RAISE our OWN vibrations as well as Those we come into contact with!!
Which is a BRILLIANT thing!! - and yet, again, SO SIMPLE!

OUR Amethyst Ribbon will also represent the VIOLET FLAME: for Transmutation, Forgiveness, Purification, Healing, Mercy, Compassion; building a bridge of LIGHT and connecting us to AWAKENED awareness!

Raising AWARENESS for ANything has to start SOMEwhere
- why not take OUR beliefs OUT into our EVERYDAY life and Bring it to MORE people!!


It a very SIMPLE and inexpensive way of starting - ribbon is easily obtainable and YOU can make YOUR OWN, thereby infusing it with YOUR LOVING energy to START with!!

ALL of US want a BETTER, more BEAUTIFUL Spiritual World and we ARE doing OUR bit every DAY, let's take THIS into OUR OWN hands also and HELP lift the vibrations of OUR SoulFriends that need that little extra help, WE ALL BEnefit from it in the End!!

☼ GLOW!!

•●*•°♥LOVE ♥ ONEness ♥ •*●•

Spread the love ♥ Please Pass it ON...

*Thank YOU BEautiFUL GoDdESseS!*

love & light
Trace x

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