Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fashion Fairy Tales....

Once Upon A Time...

Fairy tales are the myths of our society, stories that have become as integral to our culture as our history and morals.
The first stories we learn as children are often our culture's fairy tales, often the same stories that our parents heard when they were young.

We've always been fascinated with fairy tales;
how they came to be and how they have evolved through time.

The characters themselves as archetypes:

are you a vulnerable Riding Hood, or a curious Aurora?

An overworked Cinderella, or a hunted Snow White?

A boyish Peter Pan, or a devilish Captain Hook?

Little Red Riding Hood:
The Princess & the Pea:

Here are some links on fairy tales that are particularly intriguing...

"The Science of Fairy Tales" by Chris Gorski: An amusing article on the real-life science behind our oldest tales.

"Folklore, Myth and Legend": A wonderful resource of folk and fairy tale archives available online.

"HiveSlides: Fairy Tale Fashion": A collection of styles that are fairytale-inspired.

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