Saturday, 9 January 2010

Marie Antionette wig how to make

I wanted to share wig making with you -
possibly a helpful note for doll
ADO mini monthly challenge in June 2010
- Marie Antionette

Here is an image showing the steps as how to accomplish the 1770's hair style on a wig.

Wig link

Have you read the book

"What Marie-Antoinete Wore To The Revolution"

VERY interesting to anyone intrigued with her life, dresses, hair, etc.

There's an entire section about Rose Bertin & Leonard and how they used to construct her lucious "Pouffs" out of wire, layered with ribbon & horse hair & the wearer's hair, etc to reach the heights that were desired.

They would be so extraordinary that they would have compelte scenes made into them
(a pasture with a babbling brook, or a tree with birds singing - and MA's famous ship inspired Pouff!)
The ladies couldn's sleep with them
(had to sleep sitting up with large, cone-shaped coverings on them)
- often bugs, and small vermon nested in them
(which is why they had "elegant" head scratchers to scratch their heads),
often their Pouffs were so high they had to lie down in their carriages to protect them against the roof.
Once MA began spending more time at Petit Trianon although she began dressing more simply (gausse dresses, etc.)
The Pouff remained - HOWEVER, all visitors to that residence had to wear appropriate Pouffs which featured vegatables, fruit, flowers
- things that were "simple", to reflect her "Little Village".

By Amelia-marie

Happy creating :-) Trace x



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Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

How freaking cool is this? Thanks so much Trace for sharing this tutorial with all of us. Yes, I will need to review this page and bookmark the link when it comes time in June for our MMC. Have a great weekend my friend and keep creating your magic!

Papillon Bleu said...

I love everything about MA! Don't know if you remember my MA doll.
Thank you for the link with the expalantion for the wig.Could be useful for a next MA.
I don't know the ADO community very well.Is it interesting there?

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'ello everyone x
Happy New year to you too Jann! I loved your blog thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment x
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You have a fab weekend too mwah xoxo
Papillon Bleu - I love everything about ADO, lots going on with doll challenges & chat ...general sharing & lovliness..give it a try xxx would be great to see you there x
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Thank you for sharing all this info. By the way, I love your jounal for the TDP! Happy new Year, Deena

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Thank you Deena...happy new year xoxo