Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Who are your heroes?

Who are your heroes? 
Who are you drawn to and why? 

I came across this question while browsing the net. It was something I hadn't really thought about, so it stopped me in my tracks and got me thinking. I don't tend to idolise, my heroes are usually people I know, like mum, friends, etc, that have strong views on humanity or have overcome harsh times and still remained beautiful. This is true strength. Now, that aside, I was stumped. In this context, I could pick Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Einstein, etc, but in truth, although I deeply admire them, they are too famous to be my true heroes. I would opt for people that are/were in the background, people that got left behind/faded from limelight/appear small against media greats. Nikola Tesla - who died alone in a hotel, seems, to me, to be a people's choice, I like that. I'm still finding it difficult to say 'they're my hero', as there are so many unknown heroes, so, I'll be more generalised: Creatives, Native Americans, Indigenous tribes, Sensitive souls in the world, Victims of holocausts, etc.
In a fictional context, I get to create my own hero/es. This appeals more. It is a growing manifestation of ideals/thoughts placed in a difficult environments/scenarios. You get to play with mindsets of various personality types, and, as omniscient, can create a new world and experience it's various outcomes without actual damage. Creative's (which all of us are) can experiment with ideas in a safe way and we need more of this deeper thought in the world before life-changing decisions are made.

The question 'Who are your heroes and why?' led to more insight ~

Name their top five strengths and then look inside yourself and make an honest assessment. Chances are, you embody those same talents.
What things are your heroes granting you permission to do?

Here's what I came up:
Soul seeking ~ Express myself through deeper thought processes ~ Stay original and true to self ~ To believe in the truth of freedom and justice ~ Speak up through creative play ~ Remember that love and the senses are the instruments in which we find purpose, quality, and honesty ~ Be true to the heart no matter what mainstream society lives by/believes ~ Equality for all ~ Harm ye None ~ Freedom is important ~ Protect and encourage growth in those who don't understand they are not at fault if they don't fit in.

I get frustrated, at times with the harshness of systematic living. There are not enough alternatives for people that do not 'slot' into mainstream thought/way of life. These people tend to have more difficulties because of the way they are and are pressured to conform. This is wrong. It can often lead to ill-health and 'society' failures. There should be other choices available in education and employment as we are all so very different. At some point in the future I hope this changes, in all areas of society.  It's so easy to feel small, almost drowning, in the unrealistic expectations of a monetary driven system. Diversity, understanding, and nurturing are the keys to humanity's growth.

Okay, so on a lighter level, lol. 😋
My hero is love.
Anyone who cares and wants to genuinely make the world a better place. Anyone who does their little bit, no matter how small, to make life beautiful, when able.Anyone who gives a helping hand to someone else when in the position to do so. People that stand up for those less fortunate/going through difficulties. My heroes are these people. I admire kindness and giving. No-one is perfect, but we should all try to reflect, often, on our actions and who our actions affect. Such a simple thing can change the world. 
Love and light,

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