Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Dorcha Crùn Theatre ~ 'The Alptraum of Alithia'

Dorcha Crùn Theatre 
(Fictional title - Scottish Gaelic meaning ~ Dark Crown)
Sarolta Bán
 'The Alptraum of Alithia'~ (The elf dream/nightmare of Alithia).
A play mentioned in the book 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'.
Dylan Cole
The Dorcha Crun Theatre is not your traditional theatre. 
Inspired by the old theatres left in decay dotted about SW London. Such as - STREATHAM -  REGAL CINEMA (aka ABC & Cannon). Unfortunately in 2004, the auditorium was demolished & apartments were built on the site with the original cinema facade and foyer retained as an entrance.
Stage ~ Ruins
The play is a bizarre mix of ballet and less traditional expression. 
It serves a purpose for the character, Karian, and isn't meant to represent an actual theatre or specific method of delivery. It is fantasy. 
 Realm of Fantasy by Anacorreal.
Het National Ballet - Romeo and Juliet.
Haunting Denied Love
 Jacques Dequeker
Alithia and the Well
Connecting Worlds
Below, the superb dance of 'Sergei Polunin' reminds me of a certain scene played by a male role in 'The Alptraum of Alithia'.
Full Dance
Wanted for murder ~ On the run
Portal Escape 
Finding Love in a New World
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