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Soul Searching...

Seeking Connection

Photography by Lena Petersen

The Flower of karmic cycles - Voror

The flower of Vororbla (of karma) is called Voror. 
A sacred flower that produces a carpet of purple in the beautiful otherworldly gardens of Calageata. In Norse mythology, a vǫrðr ("warden," "watcher" or "caretaker") is a warden spirit believed to follow, from birth to death, the soul of every person. At times the warden can reveal itself as a small light or shape of a being - in the book they are known as the elemental Sindria.

A Voror flower fully bloomed represents 
full enlightenment and self-awareness.

Section of lyrics (chorus) from a song written for the book inspired by

'Keep your light bright
So that I might see through the mists,
and once again we can look upon a carpet of purple flowers
Keep your light bright
So that our souls may meet again in your little piece of heaven
Keep your light bright'

(More HERE)

Book Character 

Her little piece of heaven - a visual meditation  (Book one), usually a place of unseen existence that higher souls and deities reside, outside the tangible world. Humans give this otherworldly place many names, but Bea refers to it as heaven.

The Agnaya (Ag-naya) means male energy (Yang)  
The Aniya (A-niya) means female energy (Yin)

 Ameusouya ( Am-e-us-ou-ya ) means complete/whole (you, me, us ~ one)

The complete story of 'Vororbla' will be told over three books.

1. A Carpet of Purple Flowers    ~ Beginning (Released 19th Oct' 2015) Bea's Story
2. Awake in Purple Dreams        ~ Middle      (In progress 2015 - 2016)    Bea's Story
3. The Purple Book of Menteith ~ End            (2017)

4. The Butterfly Bridge               ~ Pre-history

Photography by Marie Hochhaus

love and light

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