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It all started with the feeling of dread...Book Excerpt 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'

It all started with the feeling of dread...

Chapter 1
Leave the Past Where It Belongs

Walls and shutters were scrawled with neon graffiti that blinded every time a car sped past. Bea averted her eyes from the glare on hearing a cab driver scream at a drunk for throwing a beer can too close to his car. She watched it roll, rattling across the road, until disappearing into a pile of litter that lay by an over-turned bin. She rested her head against the frame of a bare window above the Victorian bookshop. Here, nothing surprised her, it was to be expected, living in one of the worst parts of South London. Perhaps that’s why she never truly felt like it was home. She wanted nothing more than to go to bed, crawl under the covers and settle down for the night with a mug of sweet tea and a good book, consolation for being stupid, too ready to please, as usual.
All day she’d mentally tormented herself for agreeing to attend Leanne’s party, and now it was too late to cancel. She didn’t want to see Brandon, her ex. The man she had successfully avoided for six months. Damn him! Of course he’ll show up. After all, he’s the birthday girl’s brother. Bea sighed, and the closeness of her warm breath on the cold glass caused an area of the window to mist up. She ran her slender finger over the damp blur of condensation, producing a squeaking sound as she casually drew a large question mark.

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