Friday, 10 April 2015

BoChic Style

A mixed styling of 'Shabby Chic' and 'Bohemian' 
(Pieces of me)

Authors picture many aspects of the character's world while writing, including interiors. 
Briefly, I mention the 'BoChic' style in the book, but I thought it'd be nice to post some visuals here.
Many don't know that I studied interior design, and have worked for Osborne and Little in Balham as well as BelleVue Interiors at Wandsworth Common (though, nothing grand like a designer status, lol), but perhaps, that's why the visual side flows a little easier in this area - inquisitive eyes, always taking everything in. 

When I'm reading, I usually, prefer shorter descriptive passages, just enough to fire the imagination. If an author captures everything for me, my mind has no-where to go. My taste of what is beautiful or idyllic might not match theirs, visa versa. So, when writing, I try to keep the descriptive short for the same reasons. I realise others may feel differently or find visualisation difficult at times. So, I created storyboards on Pinterest - sharing the ideas that flutter through my hungry mind.

BoChic is how I imagine the home of the main character, Bea. 
Now, we all know a comfortable, restful environment has to include pretties, candles and mirrors, right? Giggles :o) 

When on a tight budget, walls can be given a wash of paint - giving an old charm feel. 
Furniture roughly painted and then distressed (via sandpaper). 
Add a touch of glam via glass knobs on tired doors - as below

Pretty nets in pastels - giving an ethereal feel, mood via natural light
 Murals or pastel walls - washed effect
 Contrasts of dark and light
 Little touches of accent colour 
Accent colours are perfect if you're scared of using strong colour or need to create an illusion of space- simply add a splash of colour with a cushion, a vase or a throw, pictures.
 Candles create atmosphere / mood and gorgeous aromas

Subtly placed words create calm
Small pieces of furniture can also be painted in soft colours -
knobs being changed can instantly lift an old piece of furniture
Adding a little spiritual accent
 Mirrors and fairy lights
 Kitchen Window
 Spiritual accent via light shade
Muted colour and pattern

 Covering tired furniture - great washables
Curtains light and airy - Silk or Lace Nets
 I had to post this bed with it's wing detail 
 Bedroom - Oh, Bea doesn't have a cat ;o) 
 Little Touches
Mirrors are great to add an illusion of more space and light

Linen or Velvet Sofa
 Lots of Cushions - always (plump)
 Adding handmade / decorated - homely

Who is Bea?


love and light

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