Friday, 10 April 2015

A woman of contradictions, made up of patch-worked love.

Who is Bethany, anyway?

She's the little girl that lives deep within a woman's heart.
The inner child, who, at times, can be haunted by self-doubt.
She's the quietness in all the in betweens.
A soon to be butterfly, awaiting transformation. 
In sleep, she heard a whispered promise, offering a path of safe flight.
Bethany, a delicate flower, seeking a nurturing ray of light.
She's imperfectly, perfect, made up of uniquely patch-worked love. 
Her delicate heart, a whimsical gathering of lingering hopes
 entwined with the forgotten desire of rekindling, love's lost dream.

She's no-one special
and yet, is everything
 Dreams swim in her morning tea
 She's an ordinary woman
with a kind and open heart
She loves to read and
to daydream of 'What if's?'
 She's a woman with weaknesses
She doesn't believe in life's perfections
but keeps natures promise of truth in her heart
 She twiddles with her hair when in thought
She's the woman that has cried herself to sleep...
A woman that's laughed until tears streamed from her eyes... a seeker of sunlight happy
...and a seeker of the hidden moon in the sky of the setting sun...
She believes in something more...
 yet, remains still
She's a woman who grows her hair...
as change means something new and that frightens her
She's petal fragile, but her spark is stronger than the brightest diamond
She's naturally beautiful in layers and comfortable clothes, pretty accessories too.
She s a woman that can't cook...
but loves homemade food
A woman with only one dear friend,
placing an invisible wall before other possibilities...
She longs to be held in arms of unacquainted love
but also fears the fall into the deepest depths of her heart...
She fears loss, yet grasps at fleeting elements of hope in the same thin air...
Try and catch her thoughts, a disappearing mirage
 She's carefree and prefers to stay home
She lives to work, but hates routine...
Bethany :o) 
love and light

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