Friday, 19 April 2013

Traveling art doll Xanthia's Doll

Hi everyone :)

A little update on the ADO traveling Doll Project
Brief info on TAD:
Each member of the team will start a doll and post to another doll artist. We then receive another doll from another artist in our team. We do not complete the dolls. Each person on the team will add to the doll in some way, with their style or ideas for the doll. When the doll is at it's last cycle, the person at the end of that cycle will complete the doll. Then the doll will return to it's original owner, as a complete doll.

Dolled Up Team

Xanthia's Doll

I decided to create some clothing for doll two for the traveling doll project.
I had some hand dyed muslin left from college and made a dress, 
jacket and fascinator type hat.
She is now named Alithia.
Alithia met Anathon (Martha's doll) earlier this week and she is now off 
to Spain to meet Leandra.
Whoop whoop!

Next up will be Leandra's fox doll, can't wait! How exciting :0)
Love & Light


Bottle Whimsies said...

Love the outfit and the name you gave her! Thank you Trace! <3

dan said...

what a nice idea to add something to the doll!

Nora MacPhail said...

Love her hat!! She's wonderful. I am now a follower.
Happy Creating.