Wednesday, 17 April 2013

TAD Traveling Art Doll Martha's creation - Ayala Art

So with My two dolls off to Spain, the postman brings a package:
OOooo it was wonderful to have the arrival of ? 
Hmmm Martha's doll must first have a name, let me think....Ah a fae name 
(as I notice the two holes in his back) 
before I could come up with a name, he whispered in my ear - Anathon! 
Well I fell in love with his choice! Everyone please meet Anathon Idorus! 
During his stay here in London, UK Anathon met Xanthia's doll. 
I think (shhhh) he took quite a fancy to her and was quite sad at the thought of leaving. 
I assured him that he was not to worry as she would be accompanying him to Spain. 
Oh he was very happy at the prospect  
To help Anathon on his way I gave him some wings and some clothing. 
He can't wait to have some hair and trousers! I think he will remain quite shy until he is completed. 
I can't wait to see how he blossoms! It was wonderful having Anathon visit, 
and doubly joyous to have Xanthia's doll join us too! 

I will be revealing more about her later. 
Love & light 


Rachel said...

Anathon is a great name. I'm looking forward to seeing how this little chap develops during his trip to Spain.

Bottle Whimsies said...

I just love his name and the make over you gave him Trace! And I'm happy he got along well with my doll!

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

:0) Anathon got on really well with all the dolls here, but I think he had a soft spot for yours Xanthi x