Thursday, 26 July 2012

Digital collage play

Digital play

I saw my old Polyvore play pieces earlier today and just had to go back and visit.
Polyvore is a digital collage playground, you can upload your own pics or use images already uploaded.
Let more know how you get on over there  :0)

It can be as addictive as Pinterest - and that's saying something! :0)

I wanted to make a new banner for my blog but it needs to be longer ...I think.
Well it gives me an excuse to go back huh lol

It would be great if I knew how to use photoshop, one day I will ...forever positive!

I kept playing...   :0)

I started off with this:

Now which one do you prefer?

I want to try filters on these too...more fun (tee hee)

See you again soon

Love, peace & light


Anonymous said...

These are all awesome! So nice to meet u too...come on back and follow my blog for a chance to win my book...hope to see you soon Tracey-Ann...

Lovey said...

Tracey the above comment is from Lovey.. Not sure why it saids anonymous...

Lovey said...

Hmm weird..okay now my comment disappeared..come on back and follow my blog for a chance to enter my blog giveaway when I reach 500 folllwers...

jasmoonbutterfly said...

Hi Lovely..Thank you for popping over. Fab name by the way :0)
I was a follower already but it had been some time since I last visited ;0( but I am back tee hee. Oh the first message went to spam I have retrieved it now. So hopefully I can be in your blog giveaway *big grin*.
I posted your class on Pinterest so hopefully you will meet that 500 today :0) Big hugs Trace x