Tuesday, 1 May 2012

29 faces...face 1

29 faces of May 2012

My first face (faces) for Martha's blog event.
I have been sketching ideas for boudoir dolls.
So you will be seeing a few faces in this style 1920s - 1930s.

I made this page for a book - 
How to create a boudoir doll, 
so intentionally kept the background cream.

I have really been enjoying the new art space  :0)
Ps..flowers from hubby (mwah x)

Why not join in with the fun?

2nd face tomorrow!! Yay!

love & light


Rachel said...

This is such a pretty picture and I love Boudoir Dolls! Can't wait to see more.

Rachel x

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Hi Rachel :0)
I am so excited I received the vintage pattern for 33" boudoir doll today. By the end of the month I would've hopefully made my first ever B'doll! Quite a challenge :0) Its great to know that you love this style too x

denthe said...

She's beautiful. And I love her hairdo!

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Hi Denthe, thank you x