Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Honouring the past...

Hi everyone :0)

As you know I am taking part in Tams 'Lifebook' class

It has been great fun, a test of different styles to learn.

This piece is about honouring the past...via Gritty Jane.
Collage base of images re-presenting the past for me were:
Daisy head-dress, hippie power, tea, and Puff the magic dragon music.

I found this piece quite a challenge, but I am happy with her now :0)

The base - collage

Below is  - week 14
Honouring your past with Tam

Basically past experiences made who you are,
and this artwork was to represent what changes had the most impact.

For me it was, still is my dreams, hope, my love of art/creativity that
caused me to transform certain areas of my life, 
whilst giving me strength to overcome difficulties.
My heart...creatively soulful.

Below is a digital play piece from the original sketch.
Loving filters!

Above are links to photo editing sites. Have fun :0)

This piece 'Paint over collage' with Tam

My base - the collage

Completed piece..

The dress detail

Cropped and in a frame with words..

 It was great sharing these new pieces with you,
thank you for stopping by :0)

love and light


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