Monday, 2 March 2009

A pictorial story books humble beginnings.

Fairy tale hour...

A pictorial coffee table book in progress for personal pleasure :0)

I thought rather than an altered book 
I would attempt altered pages and place them all together with rings once complete.

In time, I will add my own sketches, 
and develop the visuals for characters.

Story ideas have been bopping around my head for years and
 this is a perfect way of playing with them in an easy visual way.

You are the one thing I am fighting to hold..

How long before you let me go?

A faery king?

A noble lord of ancient kings and queens?

What is your name?

You with dark eyes.

He is my mystery...

An envelope to go into a page and little extras...
Creating a book of visual play...

Getting started on the typing.
Great fun!

The library...

Myths of the fae

More type

Love and light

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