Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Faery slippers...adoption required...

Faeries slippers
share a secret
by Andrea
Look at these wonderful creations....Andrea assures me the fae have given their permission for the secret to be shared...
For a while now Andrea has been contacted by some that live amongst us, to repair their shoes.
We are talking sizes here that cannot be bought easily in the stores.
Andrea does her best to repair these shoes, even though they are sometimes really worn out.
Then after lots of loving labor some of them do not get picked up by the owners, for several different reasons.
Now there is a whole collection of these shoes and they are up for adoption.
Andrea has done her best to contact the owners and most of them let her know they did not want them back and that she could keep them.
There is one big problem. well actually there are two problems.
The first one is...Andrea does not fit these shoes even if she were to cut of her toes.
Second, they are singles...and who wants to wear a different shoe on each foot?
These are the reasons that Andrea has decided to share them with you.
Andrea is open to offers for a swap -
beautiful faery slippers...
Please visit :
Lucky me Andrea had a little word with her fae and they said I could swap their
Pink slipper-belonged to Arrabella, she loves roses and winter
& Grey,pink slipper - belonged to Grafinni, she is a tomboy fairy with a big heart.
I will be sending two paper dolls in return & Andreas dear little friends my visit anytime way of saying thank you x


Talking Horses Arts said...

Great post...thanks!
Make sure to let everyone know which ones you get, soo I do not get double

jasmoon-butterfly said...

blessings Andrea....
Thank you so much..xxxxxxxxxxxx
I made a note at the bottom of post :)
Trace x

Paper Cat Designs said...

I just love the idea of this! What a positively delightful little story.

Love and light,
~Kitty Kellie