Tuesday, 27 January 2009

bright blessings.....

Lots of great workshops are starting:

  • La Belle Fleur Diaries - Create your perfect life through your art doll diaries. Imagine she is you and you are her! You are magic! FREE

We are going to create journals in this group. I'll be posting freebies here for you to download and add to your diaries if you so desire. Your diary will tell the magical story of your life as you want it to be!

I have just joined kitty kellie on artful paper dolls - I am really excited about creating a journal with paper dolls....I will be uploading photos of my work at intervals on blog as well as on page at papercat designs...why dont you come along and meet everyone....hopefully I will see you there :)


  • La Belle Fleur Paper Dolls. La Belle Fleur means beautiful flower and is a perfect name for our flower fairy paper doll group.

Through the creation of dimensional paper dolls and shadow box or shrine settings your assignment is to create these pieces and let them tell the story of your life as you want it to be. You must stop observing reality as it is and begin using your imagination to create the life you want. Surround yourself with images of that life. In doing so you will find that your life will become the dream you always envisioned for yourself. You will become the powerful, deliberate creator you always knew you were. (This tutorial will include extra elements for your art doll journal in addition to the ones you receive in the La Belle Fleur group.)

class has begun but you can still join: runs through March 31stRegistration Fee: $60 around £30.00

  • Nancyes doll playshop 1

Please join in the fun of making little dolls. It will take you to a place that is full on wonderment. Picasso says "We are all born artists... the challenge it to stay an artist as we grow old."

I adore Nancyes polymer clay dolls and will be experimenting in the very near future but for now I just wanted to share her class with you...

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