Wednesday, 25 July 2018

I write because...

“I do believe in poetry. I believe that there are creatures endowed with the power to put things together and bring them back to life” -Helene Cixous, The Book of Promethea
The mental imagery of 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers' inspired me in such a magical way, that I felt compelled to write my first novel. Once I placed pen to paper, the story began to grow into a much greater tale. Maybe, every creative whimsy that I have ever envisaged and not acted on has waited until now to be brought to life.

My mind raced as folklore came entwined with love, fate entwined with choice, science entwined with spiritual teachings - all guiding me to write a romance that revolves around a karmic cycle.

I want to share with you a secret place in which only a parted veil exposes. Take you to an ethereal plane in which otherworldly, angelic type beings tend to a well of souls. In the book, the reader experiences a brief visual journey to the home of elementals called, 'The Sindria', to their realm, 'Calageata'. It is here that the purple flower of Vororbla, of karma, grows, emitting a thick mist ready to greet the essence of a soul.

What keeps us going when the world can feel so harsh?

Where do we draw our strength from in times of need?

What urges us to carry on when things become extremely overwhelming and too much to bear?

We all know the answer... it comes from within.

Somewhere, deep inside, a light refuses to fade.

This light (our inner strength) may become less bright for a time, but in its fading, it is re-energising, and will again awaken from sleep. Once, our inner light screams out its very last ray of hope, the sleeping energy awakens, re-igniting the inner dimming ray. It is reminiscent of an illuminating birth of a faraway star, and from apparent nothingness, wondrous brightness can evolve.

The Sindria teach… 'To be able to shine more brightly, one's light must first fade.’

In the book, I mention to 'keep your light bright' as we've all experienced at some point in our lives, a time when nothing makes sense, a time when life can feel like it's too much to bear, and I really wanted to send out an important message  – that you are so much more than what you initially see, feel, possibly believe, and to remember, a fading light secretly masks an eternity, for our light never truly diminishes, and we can always shine bright, again.

love and light,

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