Sunday, 31 December 2017

It's officially New Year's Eve...

As we begin to prepare ourselves for 2018, I am making goals to create art as well as continue with writing. Online classes are perfect and can be done at your own pace.
So, with the 'Fabric Book' class by Kate Thompson, (previous post), I am taking Annie Hamman's, 'Creating Soulful Art with a Story' (1). Her art is beautifully soulful. It will be fun combining the two classes using mixed media. Another couple of classes that appeal are 'Lifebook 2018' and Ivy Newport's 'The Storytellers Art'.
Just click on the classes above to take you directly to the websites. 
I have also signed up for Art Therapy course ~ HERE
Looking at the next year, I'm wondering about venturing into this area for work. We'll see, meanwhile I'll be having fun exploring art and words. Yay! 
Annie Hamman
Annie Hamman
Annie Hamman

Annie Hamman
Wishing everyone a magical New Year.
Love and light,

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