Friday, 29 December 2017

Fabric Book Art with VENETIAN PLASTER

Fractured Angelics ~ Kate Thompson
Hi everyone 😁
So 2018 is almost here and I've decided to take a few online art courses. Yay! I'm still going to be revising book two 'Awake in Purple Dreams' but needed to let the muse play with colour and texture too. There are quite a few great classes available (link HERE) but this one, in particular, lured me in as I would like to create wall panels from drop cloth (dust sheets), even Calico could be used. I'm sooo excited! 

Below are a few of Kate's videos ~
Promo for Fabric Book Art
Venetian Plaster


Jennifer Lanne's art inspires me. It's where I got the idea for combining plaster to drop cloth. I love the vintage feel and prefer the lighter colours. Beautiful work. 
 Jennifer Lanne

I think the unicorn will be my first attempt at a wall hanging. It will almost have the feel of the story I want to write 'The Paper Unicorn'. Perhaps, I can use text from notebooks to place onto the fabric. 
 Sculptural Essence
 Distressed ~ Colour Ageing
 Floral Delights

Folk art florals mixed with vintage themes
Jennifer Lanne
So eye-catching
shape and colour

Love and light,


Incipient Wings said...

beautiful!! great ideas:)

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Hiya :o)
Thank you. Can't wait to get started. Had my eye on this class for ages. Lanne Kate's art is wonderful too. Love the traditional folk art on fabric.

Love and light, beautiful.
Wishing you a mega happy 2018.
Trace xxx

Incipient Wings said...

can't wait to see your creations!!

Tracey-anne McCartney said...