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Design Your Own Tarot Cards

The Creative Oracle
Knight of Swords
Wouldn't this make a beautiful card?
Designing my own tarot/oracle cards has resonated with me for some time. Something very personal that can incorporate my 'feely' traits and need for softness draws me in to create a magical, soul-lifting deck. Polyvore is great for experimenting with digital collage, which includes links to the original image source. Wonderful arty play to get the juices flowing.

Inspirational Images:
                                       Vulnerable (Open)                        Divine Hand (Guidance)
(Letting the light in)
This site (HERE) offers a service of printed cards with your own design. So cool. I'm going to have a deeper search soon and compare. The passion I feel to do this means it will materialize - always does when so strong a pull.
Sample of previous images book related
Below is information about a lovely tarot handmade - Creation of a tarot deck: The Fountain Tarot
A stunning new deck, hand-painted in oil by Jason’s partner, Jonathan Saiz, and put together by designer Andi Todaro. It’s still in progress, but the team has already got their Kickstarter campaign up and running to raise the funds for production.

We wanted the painting, writing, and design to feel relatable to people so they could see themselves in it.
There was an initial phase at the beginning that required a LOT of research. It was important to capture that thread that has been consistent throughout the tradition of tarot (from the early cards/decks of the 1400s, to the iconic Marseilles and RWS, to the quirky and cool modern decks) while contributing something new to the canon. After that, it was literally communicating back and forth, cross-referencing, honing, and refining over and over.

ANDI: The process was an organized and organic one, meaning that some of the cards were imagery first, meaning second, and vice versa. Jason did most of the research, identifying what icons and symbols could or could not be in each card. Jonathan has this gorgeous sketchbook with one card on every page, an indicator for how ‘dark’ the essence of each one is, and other ways of quantifying the unquantifiable character and nuance of each card.
The Fountain Tarot: 79 contemporary cards of original oil paintings with an in-depth guide to reading Tarot in a custom-designed box.

How to Read Tarot Cards for Beginners - HERE

Another link concerning creating your own deck - HERE

Printer Studio - Make your own cards

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