Monday, 14 August 2017

Character Storybook ~ A Carpet of Purple Flowers

A Carpet of Purple Flowers~ Book One
Give me Love by Ed Sheeran

The dance and dinner scene are one of my favourites in book one. I guess, the slow imagery of shy intimacy playing out as a film through my mind, remained, and of course, that is also the night of the first mead encounter. When I saw this gif, I just had to share it along with the song they danced to. 
Richard Madden Lily James
Chance and Bethany
Chance Character Board ~ HERE
Bethany Character Board ~ HERE
Martin Marcisovsky Photography ~
Coldfall Woods
I'm editing 'Awake in Purple Dreams' book two, but it's taking longer due to illness and general craziness of life keeping me busy. So sorry for the delay.
I have a few beta readers that also need to review prior to the last edit, so, I'm still hoping to be finished this year but contemplating releasing/publishing next year. I'll keep you updated.
ACoPF Book Trailer ~ Character Version 
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