Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Winter's Night ~ 9.45 pm ~ London

London sky on a winter night
These incredible photos were taken after I let my dog in from the back garden. I was gobsmacked at the sky. A dreamy colour of muted salmon greeted me. At 9.45pm in winter, it's normally so dark that I was transfixed by this sight of what looked like the sun hiding behind a hazy beautifully coloured cloud-encased sky. No mist, no moon, just a softness of the whole sky everywhere I looked. It was seamless with no normal breaks as you would normally see with clouds or even a sunset image, yet it was too late to be that. It was like an image of magical photography taken from a misty dream - yet no mist or fog existed beyond the clouded veil up high. It was so breathtaking I even called my sons down from upstairs to come and take a look. They marvelled at it, too. 
My camera didn't capture the peachy colour well, here it looks more of a dirty orange/brown.
The sky should be dark; a midnight blue, almost black, with stars at this hour, but instead it appears as neither day or night, suspended in-between. 
This time of year and hour it should look something like this ~
But this is more like it ~
The colour was more like the centre of this photo.
In reality, the colour was an ageing salmon, kissed by the sun from behind, which it obviously wasn't, being night. Everything was so clear in front and around me, this dreamy essence remained in the canopy above. I searched the net for pictures that resembled the actual image I saw to give a true 'feel' to colour and essence. Below are the closest I could find in my excitement before the memory faded. 
 Dreamy Sky ~ A seamless cloud
(Blurry dusky peach with light shining through)
A smoky peach whisper kissed by light 
(Perfect colour of what I saw)
Smoky peach cloud - seamless with no gradient of colour
I checked out the sun position etc for today ~
Current Time: 9 Feb 2017, 23:15:43
Sun Direction: ↑ 336.92° NNW
Sun Altitude: -51.01°
Sun Distance: 147.616 million km

Sunrise was at 07:25 ↑ (113°) and 
Sunset was at 17:05 ↑ (247°)
With the sunset being so much earlier, during early evening at 5.05 pm, the light could've only come from the moon. An odd colour, so bright reminding me of  a foggy sunset, strangely beautiful and ethereal.
My back garden at night ~ 9.45pm on Feb' 9th 2017
From the kitchen, stepping out into Narnia ☝👇
Sadly, the camera on my phone didn't pick up the true luminosity and splendour of the sky ~ it was certainly an enchanting image, and one I've never seen before. The best way to explain it? Reminded me of a soft, flannelette sheet, tinted, covering the whole sky but with a soft light shining in from behind ~ blocking anything beyond that completely out. Thick, opaque, same all over in colour and consistency apart from the source of light, in which direction was difficult to determine. If you were to pull at one edge of the sheet or poke it with a stick, the normal sky would once again reveal itself.  
Front garden view about half hour later. The sky appears brownish here, but in fact, was a smoky peach. Not as dreamy as the back garden view with all the houses and streetlight, but still a fantastic, bright, seamless sky. Surreal. If it wasn't so cold, I would sit out in the garden and admire it for longer. Brrr!

The few things other wonderful experiences:
1. A short time ago I saw Venus under the moon when travelling back from a market in the car. The sky was a beautiful blend of pastel pink and lilac. Sadly, I had no camera. A clear sky meant the planet, nicknamed the ‘Evening Star’, was easily visible to the naked eye. Stargazers also spotted the planet Mars which - despite being up to 100 times less bright than Venus - could also be glimpsed to the upper left of the moon. Link HERE
2. A double rainbow - huge. Seen twice. Link HERE
3. Super moon viewed from the garden of a friends house in Devon. If I remember correctly, it was a Hunter's moon, the first full moon after the Harvest Moon. It was around the time of Lammas, between 1 August and 1 September. The first harvest festival of the year (Pagan festival).   Link HERE
4. Blood moon lunar eclipse with a super-moon event 2015 watched from my old garden. Link HERE
5. Rainbow when watering the garden ~ Although nothing to do wth the sky, my partner created a rainbow in the garden. An arch created from using water hose and sun. It was amazing to see a mini rainbow you could reach out and touch. I remember asking my partner if digging at the end of the rainbow would still count if created ourselves. ;o) 
The water drop is acting like a prism - some of the light bounces off the back of the water droplets and back out - the rainbow you see is a combination of millions of these light beams coming back to you.
Love and light,


Sarah Owen said...

These are absolutely beautiful images. I love seeing the different shades and moods of the sky. <3

Sarah xx

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Thanks, Sarah. :o) It really was quite incredible.
(((( <3 )))))