Friday, 27 January 2017

Artist Alessia Iannetti.

Alessia Iannetti was born in 1985 in Carrara and attended The Academy of Fine Arts where she studied with Professor Omar Galliani. She inherited his skilful technique of graphite on wood panel, and the “stigmata” of the most fascinating contemporary illustration which can be seen both in her perspectives and in her cinematography framing, made of blacks and whites, and of endless shades of greys, restoring the perfection of depth to monochrome and drawing. 

Her dreamscape and surreal Neoclassicism ranks her as one of the most interesting artists of the New Surrealism and New Pop art scene. 
She urges our eyes towards an intimate, other dimension, whose rational parameters are upside down, as if in a dream. Where silence tells of a feeble flap of wings, of a hidden heavy heart in which beauty’s many colours live, and that is ready to implode to bring them to light.
Alessia Iannetti

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