Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nanawrimo - 25k ~ Halfway Point ~ 'Claíomh Solais' Book Three (The Future)

Christian Schloe.
Quick update:
The manuscript for book three is on its way. Hit the halfway mark yesterday in #nanowrimo ~ Yay!
I had an outline, which were more mental notes at this point than an actual plot all scribbled down. It has been an interesting journey so far. Characters really do lead the way. Yesterday, two main characters were just popping outside for a chat and a big plot twist took hold from nowhere. I sat back and stared at the screen wondering where it came from. I never saw it coming. Bang, one character completely changed their role on me! I was stunned and had to make tea. Yup, that serious. But I love it when that kind of magic happens, sort of feels more true in essence because structured plots are more controlled and, I feel, generally, if used as guidelines, enable this kind of epiphany to take place. So I'm really quite happy at this point. My son was ill for a week and catching up on word count was tough, but I did it. I intend to finish this early draft and my first attempt at nanowrimo. Positive thinking folks. :o)
First Draft Excerpts: Fantasy Fiction

He lifted his head, his eyes raging dark blue seas, she had never seen them look so cold and uninviting. Their normal warmth replaced by storms of deep emotion swirling violently beneath the watery surface. She was almost too scared to ask what happened noticing the scrapes and cuts on his knuckles. He trembled. Was it in fear or anger? The black cover of the...
“Oh, she’s a bitch alright.” Kez nodded. "Though I prefer to call her a realistic dreamer most of the time." The edge of his wrinkled mouth twitched. 
The beginning of a smile, perhaps, thought Wulfstan. "A contradictory term."
"Exactly." The smile finally formed on Kez's lips. "An amazing contradiction of your world and mine."
Her glittering red shoes stood out on the black painted line which hid the curling of her toes pressing hard against the sole, her odd way of controlling emotions so no-one could see. She knew Samson’s men were inside, but which ones? Of course, she was aware that didn’t look like one of them anymore. Today especially, with her camel 1950s coat flaring out above her knees, tights too, a rarity, all necessary for her roleplay today. The clank of the unlocking bolt echoed around the metal menace before the hatch screeched open. 
Book Cover Idea ~ For Inspiration Only ~ adapted art of YURI SHWEDOFF
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