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Awake in Purple Dreams - Book Two (A Carpet of Purple Flowers) - Prologue excerpts from the first draft

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Prologue ~ Book two introductory section
(First Draft)

Karian stood allowing the bitter wind to bite into his skin. His eyes watered from the chilling harshness wailing against his body, now turned partially numb. The vacant space in which he stood, barren and cold, had remained uninhabitable since the ancients returned from Earth. It was known as Nede then, the garden of splendour, where their world's pole joined to Earth’s Eden via a portal known as the axis mundi, the navel of both realms. Within the ice-capped mountains the stone circle that he used to hear stories about when growing up still existed, but its power long gone. The Sindria elementals had closed the portal path of Nede to earth. Once a land of beauty until destroyed by violent storms, caused by the sudden Sindria withdrawal which had a devastating ripple effect on earth. Floods removed much of the evidence of the otherworldly beings ever having lived amongst humans. It was as if they never were and that same sentiment stirred within Karian’s soul. It’s what brought him here, a feeling of something that never was. Standing at the edge of time, a place between worlds, attached only by memory. Everything white, desolate, and hundreds of feet below, a snowy blanket stretched out for miles. One step and his torment would end. He felt a strange comfort in the thought, but he didn’t come here to die. He came to cold-burn her soul from his own and would continue to stand until the frost fully penetrated the warm flesh covering his heart. He waited, begging for the pain to bleed into ice where he could crack it open and remove the pieces of her that remained - a sting he welcomed to be rid of her once and for all.
*** Below, Spoiler Alert - Book One***

Chance had bathed for hours soaking in the Heaven Stone's temple floral waters trying to remove the earth stench, as much for his own sanity as for others, but removing the grime of earth didn’t remove the pull it had over his heart. He felt tainted by more than Bea’s world. Seeing her in Karian’s arms had left a stain on his soul that he couldn’t reach. He would have to work harder to overcome the haunting image of them together and eradicate the hurt of her teary eyes meeting his before he faded into the portal flames.
As he walked through the wide corridors of the Seelie Court to the Queens Hall, heads politely turned in a desperate attempt to avoid any further intake of a place they hated. Humans wouldn’t notice the odour, but the Sidhe only knew the sweet smell of home and earth carried the pungent aroma of their shameful past. Chance did not miss the hierarchy snobbery of Court life and didn’t want to stay longer than needed. Beithir normally took care of such matters, but due to his own communications with the queen while on earth, she requested an update on his mission’s outcome, personally. Their conversations on earth had been easy, brief, with no eye contact involved. The energy links were made mentally, and with only a few spots on earth that had enough energy to tap into for such conversations, he was thankful. It had been an excuse he often used to avoid further talk of Bea and the queen’s Alithia, but today there was no such escape. He wondered whether she would see failing in his eyes. Pushing the thought from his mind, Chance nodded at the two guards outside the throne room and waited for his arrival to be announced.
“Will you inform the queen of all your endeavours?” Saras's quipped.                                   “Including your own conduct at the glade?” Chance didn't mean to snap, losing his reserved calm, but he wasn’t in the mood for snide threats and had not forgotten the Heaven Stone warriors that fell under Saras’s blade at Coldfall Woods.
“We’re at war. " Saras shrugged, manoeuvring past a guard, now closer to Chance. "Lord Karian is an enemy of our Court, of our race, and if rumours are true…” He trailed off with a smug glint in his eyes. Chance’s stomach knotted, he had heard the slander but refused to give Saras the pleasure of knowing it had crushed him. He remembered everything, especially Karian’s hands on Bea in the glade, but refused to believe it was anything more than a display of misplaced love. The Court chatter of a human, Bea, carrying Karian’s child made him feel physically sick. He was about to retaliate when the doors flew open. He had seconds to re-compose, no doubt Saras’s intention.
Seelie Court Grounds
Note: The axis mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, centre of the world, world tree), in certain beliefs and philosophies, is the world centre, or the connection between Heaven and Earth. More HERE. 
You are my heaven... (in Calageata)
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