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Romantic Dreamers...

1. a person with romantic beliefs or attitudes.
"I am an incurable romantic"
synonyms: idealist, sentimentalist, romanticist
2. a writer or artist of the Romantic movement.
"Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the later Romantics"
Art by Deonta Wheeler
A hopeless romantic ~ http://www.urbandictionary.com
A person in love with love. Believers in fairy tales and love. All hopeless romantics are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative and the fanciful. 
They often live with rose coloured glasses on. 
They make love look like an art form. 
They are the visionaries and the dreamers. They see possibilities that others don’t and they believe in them wholeheartedly. They live with their hearts firmly pinned to their sleeves and caring more for love than for practicality.
They wish that the world felt the same.

As long as the world delivers according to their expectations, they greet each morning with open arms and a smile that comes straight from the heart. When it doesn’t, it hits them particularly hard and can send them spinning into a depression from which they don’t always recover.
We’re all different combinations of spirit and matter. Each of us has a particular way of expressing ourselves in the world, a certain emotional make-up, a characteristic way of thinking.
Are you a Dreamer? by Cebulon ~ DeviantArt
Romantics are more naturally attuned to the world of spirit than matter, although they may not know it. They more easily perceive the deeper realities of life, the innate worthiness of others. They have no difficulty in believing in ‘happy ever after’ because, at some level, they are anchored to a place where all is well—the realm of the soul.
What they struggle with, though, is the more mundane. 
If some of us are more naturally attuned to spirit, there are many who are more anchored to the material aspects of the world. 
Life has a funny way of trying to balance things out, though. Those more comfortable being focused in the material world often find themselves prompted to discover their spiritual aspects as years go by. 
And us poor old romantics are often thrown a few curve balls to help us develop our more material sides.
To put it another way, the world eventually challenges romantics to find ways of grounding their dreams in the same way that it challenges ‘realists’ to broaden their perspective beyond the material.
Via Nadine Keller (Google)
From a young age, many romantics are discouraged from actively dreaming—either being told off for living in their imaginations or encouraged to participate in more mainstream views of how things are instead.
But unlike those of a more practical disposition who tend to focus their energy externally, the energy of many young romantics is initially directed internally before it can be given external expression.
Dreaming is vital to their natural way of being and to their happiness, and without being allowed permission to explore their inner landscapes they start to lose their way and themselves, cut off from their source.
Most of us are ill-equipped to become something other than who we really are. Romantics are natural dreamers and encouraging them to be anything other than that will end up in unhappiness not only for themselves but also for those close to them.
Not only is dreaming essential for romantics, it is also important for society in general. It is a dreamer who can see possibilities which others can’t see—whether that is a relationship’s highest potential or the opportunities for peace in a war-torn country.
It is part of nature’s balance to have people who are more tuned into possibilities than actualities, as well as the other way round.
Are you a romantic?

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