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A Character's growth ~ Tommy Collins

Piles of notes that need to be typed up lay around me as I procrastinate on Pinterest boards, Youtube, Twitter, FB, and daydream different scenes, as writers do. So, on that note, I thought why not create a blog post to continue the procrastination. *Winks* ;o)
Tommy Collins (O'Coileain) ~
This character has come a long way since the first book. He has refused to remain in a minor role and has grown tremendously while writing book two. Obviously, I can't give anything away, but I wanted to share a few video's / images that relate to this rather strong willed character. I've actually grown to adore Tommy's part in the story,  appreciating his complexities.
For those of you who have read book one, 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers', you'll know that he had a close connection with an important book character. Some of the songs, further down the page, relate to their story/relationship.
Tommy was brought up the 'old skool' way, rough and ready. He's a South London villain with a traveller background, but at the core, has a good heart. He's been in some dodgy scrapes and since associating with Brandon his illegal activities have moved up a level.
He loves Trilby hats, especially one in particular which used to be his dad's. 
Another favourite item, 'Heartbreaker', a gun. Much needed in his world.
He also has a fondness for 'Sherbet Pip' sweets,
...and Guinness ~ An Irish dry stout
A Carpet of Purple Flowers has many different types of characters, each with stories to tell. Some are painful, some happy, and every one of them has imperfections. Gentle or rough, messed up or holding it together, their flaws make them who they are and ultimately define their choices. Are any truly good or bad? Sometimes it's hard to draw a clear line differentiating the two.
Tommy and Brandon when kids ~ old loyalties. 

An excerpt from the first manuscript that was removed from book ~ unedited 
The Landlord's Daughter 
The night before Bea's uncle died. Roxy, Leanne’s friend, showed up in the early hours of the morning creating havoc by persistently banging on the shop door. Bea rushed down the stairs thinking Brandon was in some sort of trouble, again, but to her surprise, she found Roxy swaying on the doorstep, drunk.
“You’d best get down to the Castle. Brandon took a girl back with him from the Red Lion.”
Bea felt sick at the revelation, and the rest of Roxy’s words became a distant hum. She didn’t want to leave her uncle to check out Roxy’s drunken spill, but after all the rumours, she had to put her mind at rest.
When she arrived at Brandon’s pub, The Mitcham Castle, a young lad called Jerry let her in. Tommy, Brandon’s right-hand man, ran up the stairs after her. “Bea love, please don’t go up there. Come, let me take yah ‘ome.” He had insisted.
It was then that she knew Roxy was speaking the truth. She pushed past Tommy bursting the bedroom door open. Her stomach turned at recalling the memory. 
Brandon’s head twisted round towards the door. “Shit.” He grunted as he lay naked on top of a pretty blonde. Bea instantly recognised the woman’s face. It was Rosie, one of the old landlord’s daughters. She knew that Brandon had been spiralling out of control, but she never thought that he would betray her, not like this, not now. “How could you?” she yelled. Her emotions became a jumbled mess of confusion. 
Brandon threw the sheet over Rosie, jumped from the bed, and started searching for his pants while yelling at Tommy. He needed someone to blame other than himself, as always. Bea ran as fast as she could from the pub and him.
The next thing she knew he was kerb-crawling the roadside, beside her. She ignored him, but on reaching the shop, he scrambled out of the car, still high from whatever he took earlier and begged her to listen. Bea pulled away opening the door, but when she tried to close it, he stuck his foot out, jarring it. 
“Move your foot, Brandon. Now!”
“Hear me out, please, babe.”
 His explanation involved, You were going through so much. I didn’t want to pester you. I don’t love her, it was only sex. Needless to say, his poor excuse given for his betrayal as her uncle lay dying fell on deaf ears.
The little tinkle of the shop’s bell broke Bea away from the past. Her heart panged as Leanne approached. She knew that Brandon’s behaviour had nothing to do with his little sister, but only seconds ago she was reliving the pain that he had so carelessly delivered, and seeing Leanne again only heightened the feelings of resentment.  Bea took a deep breath, trying to lay the memories to rest on exhaling.
“Hi, Bea.” Leanne gave her a warm, but cautious smile.
“Hi, birthday girl. It’s good to see you. How does it feel to officially be an adult?”
Leanne shrugged, “No different to yesterday.”
Bea knew Leanne could feel her awkwardness, it was written all over her gentle face. Slowly, Leanne reached out and held Bea’s hand. “I know my brother hurt you, and I should’ve popped in after you broke up…I’m sorry. I didn't want to be in the middle...I wanted you to know that Brandon isn’t around much these days anyway.” She paused and smiled. “So please come tonight. I’d really like you to be there.”
Bea gulped. “Course I will.” 
A big grin appeared upon Leanne’s face and she hugged Bea in excitement. “I’ll see you tonight then? With Liza?”
Bea nodded. Guess the excuse I was planning to give Liza later has just been kissed goodbye. 

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Warning: Explicit Lyrics in song/video below.

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