Thursday, 31 March 2016

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A Carpet of Purple Flowers
Booklist Online / Netgalley Reviews: 

  • Fantasy fans will wait eagerly for the next installment in McCartney’s series, enchanted by the complicated love story and the surprising cliffhanger ending. — Amy Dittmeier, Booklist Intern
  • This was a fabulous book, with excellent writing and a fascinating story. I would absolutely love to read anything else this author has to offer! ~ Jessie T, Reviewer

  • This is a creative romance/paranormal/fantasy that takes place in London at a bookstore. I enjoyed the characters and the interaction between the different races .  Bea is a bookseller who can see both the sects of an ancient race.  They are usually invisible to humans and the fact that she can see both has them all confounded and vying for her attention.  She falls in love with both leaders and is about to prompt a war between the two factions.  She must explore her past to discover the secrets that might change the future. ~ Ann K, Bookseller
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