Wednesday, 2 March 2016

. Book Two ~ Awake in Purple Dreams ~ visual inspiration

Awake in Purple Dreams
Photography ~ Miina Anahita
Early Book Blurb
Photography by Predrag Pajdic
Calageata (Swangate) ~
Weeping Sakura Tree of Hanazono at Tanagura Town with Mist 
~ Takumi Nasuno Photography

love and light


Sarah Owen said...

Hi, Trace,

I just had to say that I saw that photo by Miina Anahita (hope I've spelled that right! ) a few days ago and I thought it would be a great image for my book too! :0) Much later on, the heroine has a horse. Love the early blurb, it sounds exciting.

Love and hugs,
Sarah xoxo

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Hi, Sarah :o)
That would be lovely. Her work is beautiful. It would certainly catch the eye.
Hugs and love,
Trace xoxo