Saturday, 1 August 2015

Book Art by Helga McLeod ~ Watercolour

Helga McLeod

For a while, I've longed for some of the book characters to be immortalized via art. My own style, sadly, don't fit the images in my mind. Luckily, I came across Helga, while browsing art on Etsy, yep, an addiction of mine, while drinking crazy amounts of tea of course. :o)  I loved the flowing use of watercolour, muted tones and softness of her creations. and so asked Helga to create the character 'Bea'. Above is the end creation. How perfect is she? 

I adore how Helga has managed to capture the smaller details, such as, the seven-pointed star necklace, the Rumi quote tattoo, 'What you seek is seeking you', and purple flower laying on the page of a book. Oh, mist too! :o) 

More of Helga's work:

Book Website ~ Character details:  HERE

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