Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Butterfly Bridge Storytelling via visuals

Visual Storytelling

Water contains the magic of nature
Magic is everywhere
Encounters with nature - the self

Suspended in dreamtime
The wind in her hair

Whispers of green

Sparks of life
She is an instrument of the moon
Wonder by starlight

Keep your light bright


The stone of heaven's light

Spread your wings and fly

Look for the unhewn stone

She sleeps

Elemental Magic

What do the veils hide?

The old ones


It's a matter of perspective




Water Magic

You're never alone in nature

Twin flame

Mystic blue
She first looked up to see the magic, and then looked within
She understood and knew herself before deciding her path

All sources for images can be found on links below

Love and light


Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...

This is adorable kind Tracy! There is so much energy, love and light on this post of yours...
We are here to create. We are Source Consciousness incarnating in a body in order to create and experience from our unique perspective within Creation.
The Luminous is Love, the medicine which heals and harmonizes Creation. As we align with the Luminous, we progressively free ourselves from the superstition of the material and recognize the presence of divine Consciousness within all form. In the presence of the Luminous, we are uplifted, revitalized, reconnected with the ecstatic Song of Life.

Thanx for being constantly luminous and taking your time to share these inner worlds with us! Peace and Much light !☼

Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...
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