Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Old faery dust recipe


contents of three ripe Foxglove seed pods
pinch of scrapings from the stone Rhyolite
pinch of pollen from Selentrope or Evening Glory
seven Vervain blossoms
pinch of Lavender blossoms
pinch of sand from west shore

On the night of the full moon, mix the foxglove seeds and pollen with the sand and the Rhyolite grains.  Then sprinkle the tiny Vervain and Lavender blossoms over the mixture.  Should you have lost the child in you and your sense of magick, the fairy dust can be used to restore it.  Sprinkle yourself with the dust and say :

Fairies of time and long faded belief,
remember the child who once waited in sleep.
Fairies of dreams fragile as the embers,
help now my heart and soul to remember.
Awaken the child who now sleeps within me,
who once gathered the dust of the magical fairy,
believed that dreams and wishes could be,
with a sprinkle of dust my eyes then could see.
Come now again to reclaim what was lost,
for the price I paid here is too dear a cost.
Come now from the meadows, the fields, and the trees,
 and grant me the heart that once knew of fairies

love & light


Healing Woman said...

Love this recipe. Just sent it to a friend and I'm sure she will become a follower to your blog soon. Thanks so much.

Tracey-anne McCartney said...

Tee hee thank you. (((Hugs)))