Monday, 30 July 2012

Marijke van Ooijen doll creations

Hi everyone :0)

I have been blog hopping the past few days.
and today I just had to share with you the amazing creations by 

Occupation: Doll and teddy maker
Location Wateringen , South Holland , Netherlands

Marijke van Ooijen

I can also tell something of the life of a bear and doll maker.
A life full of new births .... because of my dolls and bears.
These dolls and teddy bears are carefully and lovingly created in my studio kunsse and cute.

In my studio is regularly given workshops, and where I received that people may also have a passion nostalgia, dolls and bears, and of course I can show something of what keeps me busy daily ....

Interests I love everything to do with nostalgia.
My husband, three children and my two adorable dogs.
Favourite Films: The Pianist, Lord of the Rings, Beatrix Potter ...
Favourite Music: Currently, Katie Melua, Adele and classical music.

I hope you will come and visit my blog, it would be nice to meet .. and I'm sure is very exciting and wonderful ..
Love, Marijke

Just beautiful!

Pop over to Marijke van Ooijen's blog,
there is more eye candy :0)

Love & light

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