Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Creating presents...By Lewis

Lewis (my son) wanted to create a present for a friend.
So we played with Diamond glaze, glitter, paper, beads,
and jewellery pieces.

There is no better present than one you have made  :0)

L=Lewis   D=Daena
Pretty glitter earrings

 Once the Diamond Glaze set we connected the charm to a bracelet

My favourite by Lewis
Necklace for Daena
Used beads & his own words/sketch
all sealed with Diamond Glaze ( Hard setting resin)

Below is a pendant for Lewis's sister, she will love it Lew!

A bookmark for mummy :0)
How happy am I...

Drying - In progress

Wonderful ideas' for presents :0)

Love & light

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rachelsmith133 said...

How lovely. What a nice of idea of his to create his own presents. They all look really well made too.