Monday, 3 October 2011

Polyvore addition!!

 Hi everyone :0)
Just had to share my rekindled addition....Polyvore!
These three images set in suitcases are latest creations...

I  love this idea for backdrop of doll collages, what do you think?

 Its a site enabling you to make digital collages.
Polyvore lists & links to where the images came from 
(if wanted to purchase etc) .

I think its wonderful, but beware it consumes A LOT of time :0)
Before you know it hours have passed!!!
The link is below, pop over & have some fun .....

Love & Light

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OoooOoo these are beautiful and so detailed! I'm a polyvore addict to but I have never made something quite so enchanting! Are you Jasmoon Butterfly over there too? I'm AppleOfRed if you want to check out my feeble attempts! I'll look for you over there!