Monday, 26 September 2011

Jasmoon's new website

I have been playing around with the idea for some time for a website...
I am trying two very different sites - both still in progress

I forgot how much time it took on the pc to arrange links etc....there's always more to do lol

I have published them both for viewing while still  in progress in the hope 
that you could maybe share your thoughts with me on each one.

The one at is more free in feel I think ?
It has more places for me to set information on various art.

The one at is much more simple, maybe more professional?

If you could possibly find a little time to pop over and then leave a comment here
 it would be very much appreciated.
Feedback is everything :0)

love & light


Lainey said...

Hello! Looked at both sites, and they are both beautiful and well done. Personally, I liked moonfruit best. I found it pretty, kept your personality in while looking more professional. It was also a bit easier to navigate for me. That said, the yola one tied in with the look and feel of your blog better. Good job on both - it's hard to create clear and creative websites but you did it, twice ;)

Lainey x

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Hi Lainey :0)
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on sites.
I completely agree with you. The Moonfruit feels more professional & its simple layout makes easier navigation. The Yola site was more difficult to arrange pic/text etc but seemed to get more information in. It is hard and sooooooo time consuming, great seeing them come together though. Prior to setting the domain I needed to try both & see what worked better. I think the Moonfruit will be the final choice :0) Thank you again, big hugs Trace oxo