Monday, 27 September 2010

Halloween Party time....


No tricks here,
only treats

Two great parties for
Hallows eve celebration...


First we have:

Frosted Petunias tea party
Held on the night of the October full moon.
It's on a Saturday this year.
Anna says:
Have a witches tea party under a Hallowee
n moon.
With vintage lace and tarnished teapots set aglow by candlelight.
Wicked sweets and other tattered bits.

You're welcome to bring anything you like.
Bewitched teacups, singing pumpkins,
candy corn stripped cats, cackling ravens and of course wandering witches.
There might even be a ghost or tw

Have your tea party for one or for ninety one!

You can have a real tea with real people.
Or one with your favorite magical friends.
Come and show off your Halloween art, crafts, decorations,
collections, stories, costumes and edible d

Pop over to leave a comment for Anna and place button your your blog ,
simple as that ;0)

Look forward to meeting you there
Blessed Be )O(

OOOoo more blog fun!!
Leaving my witchy outfit on !

Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist is holding a
Halloween Tea Party!

All you have to do is leave Vanessa a comment on a fanciful twist,

with your blog link, stating that you want to join in...

Then follow these 4 bits of advice (err, rules)...

1) Share the flyer and/or the button on your blog as soon as possible and link to Vanessa.

She will then add your name to the "Halloween Partiers" list in her LEFT hand side bar, and link back to you.

2) On the day of the party, October 16th 2010, please make sure to post a Halloween Party post of your own, on your blog, linking to Vanessa. Other party goers will be visiting you on that date.

3) IMPORTANT - On the day of the party, after you have your own Halloween blog post up and running, please leave a comment at Vanessa's Halloween party post including your "Actual Party Link."

4) Blog hop with the other partiers on the day of the event and have a hauntingly ghoulish blast!!

Note: Please make sure you post a party post on October 16th if you signed up.

Last year several people did not do this...

(if you sign up and later find that you can't make the event,

please let Vanessa know and she will remove your name from the list)

Love & light


Unknown said...

I will be joining you at this year's party :D


jasmoonbutterfly said...

Thats good to hear Vania, looking forward to seeing you there ;0)
love & light
Trace oxo