Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My first armature doll in progress...

Paperclay sculpt

Florist tape over foil armature

Foil over wire

Wire framework

Love & light


Healing Woman said...

She is really coming along. So this is your first time working with an armature of this nature? Can't wait to see the finished doll.

Abi said...

Looking good... I thought all your dolls were clay?! or is it just the armature that is different?

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Hi ladies ;0)
It is my first time and I was quite daunted at first, but she has come along nicely, will post more pics of her completed within next couple of days x
Abi they are, she is made of clay (paperclay) over wire & foil so yeap just the wire that is different here...wig was quite a task / new undertaking too.
She was good fun to create and lessons were learnt on the way :-)
Thank you for taking the time to leave a message / ask questions
mwah oxox

mentalmulch said...

Can't wait to see her finished! The dress is just beautiful. How do you like working with paperclay? I recently bought some, but have not had the chance to try it out yet.
Enjoy your weekend!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Hi Roxanne :0)
I like working with paperclay on cloth dolls, this was my first experience of using it for full sculpt over wire/foil.
I have completed her now but she does remind me of a wonderland Alice...
OOoo let me know how you get on with creative paper clay.
I really like working with sculpey original for folk art dolls. I will try another armature soon but I will make fingers via wire and more clay on legs / arms = less wadding areas.
Have fun my friend
Trace oxoxox

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Oh yes & I really want to create a doll using actual glass/acrylic eyeballs, I am awaiting their arrival via snail mail...OOOooo can't wait! lol