Monday, 12 July 2010

3rd Quarterly Challenge: Grimms Fairy Tales

Create a doll inspired by the Grimm's Fairy tales.
I can pick any character from any fairy tale, now what will inspire I wonder?

Lots of visuals by various artists to inspire...


Queen bee
Water of life
The six swans

Hansel & Gretel


Little red riding hood

Snow white

Briar Rose....Sleeping beauty


Happy creating....
love, peace & light


Sarah Pogue said...

Thank you for this post! What an inspiring collection. This is why I love fairytales so much - they are so full of meaning and open for interpretation! I'm starting on my Snow White this afternoon!

Rosanna Pereyra said...

wow, great collection!! I'm trying to finish some pieces before embarking on the Grimm Challenge. Thanks for posting so many great references. Best of luck on yours.


jasmoonbutterfly said...

Hi ladies :-)
OOOOooo I know the fae theme grips me every time hee hee....
Exactly the artists interpretation is what makes art/dolls unique!
Can't wait to see wip's of your snow white ...
Yes Rosanna I too have pieces to complete, Travel doll Luna requires clothing asap!
Enjoy creating
love & light
Trace x

Papillon Bleu said...

Was this challenge for ADO memebers only?
Love your collection ofnphotos. You might not know but the original of Sleeping Beauty is from Charles Perrault.I think the Grimms have made an adaptation but not sure...have you seen the film the Grimm Brothers? it is brilliant! very dark.

Alexandra Pechabadens said...

What a great set, well done for putting all those together!