Monday, 5 April 2010

Ageing techniques

I hope everyone had a wonderful, magical easter..x
Something I wanted to share with you all...
I just luv ageing & distressing everything, lets have some fun ;-)

A complete list of proven ageing techniques for paper and card,
some of these are in use today by Forgers and film makers.

These methods can be applied to the letter that you receive with HEIRLOOM
and WILL make it look 100 years old.

Don't however use them all, I suggest you use one ageing process for the entire sheet and then maybe the Chalk pastel process for the edges of the letter.

1) Walnut ink crystals and water make a great ageing combination. Mix up some crystals with water to the desired level of darkness, and apply to the paper:

paint it on, dab it on with a sponge, dip the paper in it, or use any creative application method you come up with. They're all good! Dropping a few crystals directly onto the dampened paper creates an interesting effect, too.

2) Similarly, tea and coffee can both be used as ageing mediums. As with walnut ink, simply brew tea or coffee to the desired strength, then apply with the method of your choice.
Wet tea bags can be used as applicators for an extra bit of blotchiness.

3) Grab your dye ink pads and apply them to paper directly. Pat or drag the pads across the paper to apply color. To get a little texture going, lay the paper onto a surface with sand or gravel on it (my garage floor gives a great texture if it
hasn't been swept recently).

4) Roll a brayer over an earth-toned dye ink pad, then spritz the roller here and there with a little water. Roll over paper or tags. This can be done in layers using different colors if desired.

5) I love glazes! I do have some Golden acrylic glazes, but I also like glaze medium and plain old cheap acrylic paint. Mix using more glaze than paint, and apply with the tool of your choice: brush, sponge, wadded up paper towels or fingers.
When you're going for age, make sure to choose matte glaze rather than glossy.

6) For paper that looks burned, my favorite technique uses lemon or lime juice and a heat gun. Dab the juice onto the edges of the paper, then heat. The more you heat, the darker the burn marks become. This technique takes a little practice, but the effect is well worth the time.

7) Chalking is a very simple way of aging paper.
Tear the edges of the paper, then drag chalks or pastels along the torn edge. Blend with your finger or a cotton swab.

Cool Wrinkles are good! Spritz your paper with water, and crumple it into a ball, then flatten it out again. If you want it really flat, try ironing it lightly.
Use as is, or apply any aging technique.
To simply define the wrinkles a bit, try dragging a VersaMark pad over the surface.

9) To age patterned papers, try a bit of fine sandpaper or some steel wool.
Rub over the edges of the paper to dull or remove the pattern.

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julietk said...

Thank you for all the tips :-)

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Thank you for all those wonderful techniques. There were definitely a few there that I haven't tried.

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Thanks for these tips! I can't wait to try them!

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I cant wait to try lemon/heat tech as I normally do burn my edges...thank you for taking the time to leave a message mwah xxx