Friday, 19 March 2010

Michael Bentley Gallery

Michael writes:

Living in Eastbourne at the foot of the South Downs, is a marvellous opportunity to observe changes in light and weather in this corner of the UK.

Up on the downs and cliffs, the most familiar sights never look quite the same,
and at times I have used the same composition more than once in my photographs, with only the light and colour being different.

I like compositions with an element of simplicity, and see this as perhaps my graphics training being apparent once more.

But mostly I just love the landscapes and seascapes that surround me here.

If I can capture something of their beauty through the changing seasons, then I’m happy.

Michaels Gallery

love & light
Trace xoxo


Healing Woman said...

Very beautiful photography!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

he is very talented, I especially love the floral, ruins/stones
love & light
Trace x