Friday, 12 March 2010

Create The Look of Faery in your Home...

To Create The Look of A Fairy Home

by Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly

* Get Back to Nature Firstly and very importantly. Avoid plastic like the plague. Stick to natural and rich materials. Wood furniture or metal, wrought iron, earthenware, even wicker. Sumptous cloths like velvet, silk, cotton, and linen. Tall wooden or wrought iron beds with feather beds, feather duvets and cotton sheets.

* Candle Light is Enchanting Electric lights and TV are the two biggest killers to a fairy mood. Keep the TV in a armoire, or other wooden cupboard, so you can easily close the door on it when you want to. Use candles to light your home, or maybe just one room. Find a place where you can buy candles inexpensively, and keep in mind that scented candles are more expensive, burn faster and drip more, posing more of a fire hazard than non-scented ones. I have a few in every room to give off the wonderful scent, but for light I use regular ones in fire safe holders.

* Setting the Mood Have many incenses and holders around and use them. Use wicker baskets to store everything from socks in the closet, to recycling in the kitchen. Remember that some decay and wear looks pretty darn cool. An old table that is peeling just a bit around the edges, or a great chenille slipcover that is faded from the sun. But if you do decide it is time to get rid of something, do the fairy-wise thing and donate it to the poor.

There is a veil between the worlds

(text is taken from the official Fairy Day website)

Years ago, what would seem like many to those of us of mortal blood,
but what is really just a twitch of time to the ageless stars and eternal moons,
the world of mortal and the world of fairy were separated.
Mortal man had become too populous, too jaded, too fast for the easier, more genteel pace of the fairy blooded, so they chose to leave this place and create their own
They live now in another level of our world where a veil of magic has been created to divide us from them and keep their lives free of our hectic, desperate struggle to progress.

A level close enough for them to keep watch over us, to keep our imaginations alive with periodic night rides through the countryside, witnessed by the lucky few staring out of misty windows on a night seemingly burdened with insomnia.

The worlds are so alike, so close in kind they might even be seen as parallel worlds, if not for the beings that inhabit them.
Their world is the stuff of legend for our world.

The magic creatures unlike any we know here.
The beings of rock, of water, of air and fire and spirit.

~ Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, artist

Fairy day 24th June

love & light

Trace x


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