Monday, 22 February 2010

TEAM Muñeca..Selene ADO TDP update...

Selenes Travels...

(blogspot for all dolls here)

TEAM Muñeca

Selene has been to California, very soon she will be in Florida!
Selene was beautifully worked on firstly by Martha...lovely talented lady :

Ayala Art

So far, Selene's forehead has been modified with a bit of paperclay,
(trimmed original clay hair so mohair could be used)
Then painted with acrylics, added dreamy eyes with eyelashes,
wonderful hair, and finally finished her with a crown .
Martha you have done an amazing job x
Thank you

Now let me introduce :

Victoria ..

(Raedells Doll)

Raedells blog

Hand sculpted from polymer clay,
Victoria has movable arms, big hands, big feet and a permanent look of surprise on her face.
She was not what her mother, the darling and star of the circus, expected when she was born.
We know that she will be part of the circus family, but where will she end up , we do not know. The rest of Victoria's story will be told my myself and Martha (Ayala Art) in California.

Below is my mood/idea collage prior to working on Victoria..

Hmmmn ideas:

So a green eyed, red haired girl had a mysterious beginning..
which now leads us to a tale of why she has a surprised look upon her face..

What is the secret Victoria has been hiding?

Found out on my 'Victoria' TDP update very soon..hee hee

love & light


jasmoon-butterfly said...

Martha Selene actually looks alittle like my avatar on blog...or is it just me lol x

DellaRae said...

I can't wait for the mystery to unfold!

AVY said...

Victoria's secret?

jasmoon-butterfly said...

hi Avy - Victorias story is here:

Doll project...each doll artist completes the dolls story...

Anonymous said...

I love the first doll's eyes, so pretty. And her neck! Love her neck! I don't know why though lol

Ayala Art said...

I can't believe I forgot to post here! I miss Selene, and I have new pics of Victoria. I want to see how all the dolls look at the end!!!! :oD

marie said...

where did you find the photo for the beautiful mysteries Red Head? I have been looking for a photo like this for a book trailer and wanted to know if there is a place I can purchase the licenses to use the photo or a person(s) I could contact for permission to use photo/image.
Great blog...