Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Faery crossing faery club...please join...

If you would like to join the Faery Crossing Faery Club simply say the Faery Pledge three times:

"I promise to be a friend of the faeries forever."

Then download the certificate via link in pic above, and print it out, fill in the blanks, and color the pictures. Invite your friends to join too, and then you can have official Faery Club meetings.

Give yourself a secret Faery Name that only your Faery Club members know.

Remember to say the Faery Pladge at the beginning of each meeting. Maybe you can use some of the craft ideas and recipes during your meetings.

If you have a website you can download the graphic at the top of this page to show that you are a Faery Club member!

you can send your secret Faery Name (I won't tell!)
I will display a list of Faery Club Members on this official page!

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