Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Doll idea sketch...armature..

Let me introduce Elissa...
She is dressed in flowing, layered
clothing..Muted pastels
Fabric - cottons/lace /silk
A satin ribbon flows from the front of her bodice..
aged by time...

Elissa will be at least 12" tall made of cloth & clay..

Michelle of Crow Haven Farm
has been a fabulous friend, a bright shining star enlightening me,
sharing lots of advice on creating armatured dolls...thank you beautiful goddess x

You can see Michelles work here:

So once all of my materials arrive I will start my first ever!
I am quite excited, its so completely different to anything I have created before -
I really hope my creation will be worthy to show on my blog -
but either way I promise to post and share my progress with you :)

Meanwhile I am creating Jester clay busts this, fun, fun!
Maries class: EVB Studios - class $10.00
come on over


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

You silly girl...I'm blushing! That is what is so neat about being an artist...we SHARE and HELP EACH OTHER WHENEVER WE CAN! I just love your sketch and I'm really excited to see her come to life by your incredible hands and that mind of yours! You Go Girl! I'm very blessed to have found you and one day...I'll be on your doorstep! LOL Have a beautiful and Happy Easter...Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hey sweetheart...I left you something on my Blog!