Monday, 9 March 2009

Power Of Love....

(The otherwordly flower - spreading of love by Jasmoon butterfly)

How does the Power Of Love influences Your chance to Be, do and have anything You want?

Precious Friend.....

The Power Of Love is the greatest power of all.

Love is the best and only way to win any fight.

With Love you can conquer anything and everything.

Love is the origin of all life.

Love penetrates everything.

Love is the answer to everything.

Everything is made of Love.

Love is a free gift.

Love can heal anything.

Love can achieve anything.

When you are connected to the Universal Vibration Of Love,

nothing can hurt you and everything is possible.

Everything you desire is already yours!

All you need to do, is to remove hindrances and allow it to be!

And when you have done so,there is nothing left but LOVE!


Sending negative thoughts and feelings towards someone, hurts them, whether they know about it or not.

It damages their being....

Sending negative thoughts and feelings toward someone, hurts yourself. It damages your own


Love is the natural and original way of staying happy and healthy.

A Very Special Message to You about the Power Of Love:

Every little cell within You, is made of Pure Love!

All DNA within Your cells are programmed by Pure Love!

You are Vibrating Love!

You are nothing but Love!

When You realize this - Everything You touch, by Hand or by Mind - will be Blessed and Healed!

now go ahead spread your energy and enjoy life!

love & brightest light

Trace x

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