Monday, 23 February 2009

Folk art doll playshop...1 st march

Polymer Clay Folk Art Doll
Join in the fun of making little clay folk dolls.
It will take you to a place that is full on wonderment. ...
Picasso says .....
"We are all born artists... the challenge it to stay an artist as we grow old."
Workshop begins 1st March.....
Sign up for Playshop Instructions:

(1) Pay the playshop sign up fee.
(2)You will be sent an invitation. Make sure your pay pal email is the address you want your invitation sent to.
(3) When you get your invitation, come on in and set up your personal page and meet up with your old friends.
(4) Go to the playshop page begin
(5) Take the class, make some dolls, meet new friends but most of all have fun!
I wanted to share with you Nancyes new workshop...
I have just joined, would be lovely to you there too... x

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