Saturday, 6 December 2008

Suzi Blu Class...Be Divine!

Wow Suzi does it again.....for all you goddesses out there requiring artistic expression....
Week one: Invoke - Free Expression Painting JournalingWeek Two: Embody - Clay Goddess DollWeek Three: Worship - Triptych AltarWeek four: Be. Divine. - Sacred Clothing & Cloth Art DollWeek Five: Empower Others - Mixed Media Assemblage
YOU are a Goddess, already, right now, with your blueberry jelly stained Victoria's Secret sweatpants and eye mascara halfway to your chin. You are a Goddess. This is truth. I know, I know, I forget too. Which is why I'm doing this workshop. I get to make Goddess art and parade around in a feather boa. I need this just as much as you.

So why is the Goddess important? From 35,000 - up until around the time of the Greeks, BCE, and thats a long friggen time, women were celebrated, cherished even. Women are awesome and we've forgotten that, and that's what this class is about.5 art projectsmany mini writing exercisesYou do not need to become a witch and cast spells to find connection with a female deity NOR do you need to take divinity literally.
Use Goddess as a metaphor, a new role model for how to live your life empowered. Female gender has been contorted to fit the ideals of men and while that might be a fun role to play around with on a random Friday night, for many women that isn't enough.

We CRAVE, long to be, sacred, and many of us have no idea where to start.Let's start here with the Goddesses of our grandmothers, the keepers of our strength and wisdom. Let's create a new era WORLDWIDE of fabulous strong independent crafty chicas. Let's finda whole new way of being female in this world. Let's recreate our existence together

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